27 mars 2023


45% of Children Need Braces & Dental Financing Makes Them More Accessible

Did you know that almost half of all children in North America, roughly 45%, require braces? And that only counts those with visible issues such as crooked or overlapping teeth. However, with a cost ranging between $3,000 to $10,000, they are out of reach for many families.  

While some Canadian employers offer group health plans that can help offset the price, it's unlikely to cover the total amount. The situation is grimmer for the 35% of Canadians with no dental insurance due to precarious employment in recent years. A lack of insurance leads many to skip dental appointments for themselves and their children, further bolstering the problem. You can read more about this specific issue in our blog ”Many Canadians can’t afford to see the dentist.”

The Liberal government's Canada Dental Benefit  gives eligible children up to two $650 payments. However, this amount is far from covering the complete treatment, even on the lower end of the spectrum. This benefit also doesn't go far if you consider that children require standard dental care, like cleaning and x-rays, before even discussing braces, which can cost over $300 combined per visit.

Investing in orthodontic work can significantly impact a child's oral health and overall self-esteem. Not just that, braces can help correct less apparent issues that can potentially create significant health problems. For example, a misaligned jaw can lead to severe neck, upper back and shoulder pain. 

So, the question is, how can dentists close the gap and help more families move forward with essential care? 

The solution is dental financing.

Making it easier for families

Offering dental financing, and working with a trusted financing partner like LendCare, allows more parents to access necessary dental work for their children. 

Turning upfront costs into manageable monthly payments relieves the stress of unforeseen expenses, letting patients move forward confidently. As well, it helps families better control long-term dental health, adopting a more proactive and preventative approach rather than a stressful and reactive one. 

As well, with LendCare, dental clinics get paid in full within 48 hours, reducing paperwork and administrative follow-ups. Research shows that health care providers spend over 18 million hours yearly on unnecessary paperwork. Removing financing administration from to-do lists can help boost efficiency and overall revenue.

Ultimately, LendCare financing is a win-win for families and clinics. It helps more communities across Canada smile wider and brighter than ever.

If your clinic is ready to offer easy financing solutions to your patients, contact LendCare today.

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